Wednesday, October 30, 2013 @ Toy
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Everyone needs to stop treating me like a toy.
people always like to look for me when they need help,
or else, they can't even be bothered about my existence.
not only that, when they are happy, they can speak to me damn nicely, sweet talks.
when they are not happy, I'm just another shitty toy.
screw everything.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 @ Sick and tired of boring life
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I'm so sick and tired of a boring life in Singapore.
I NEED a getaway, and I really mean I need it.
I'm looking forward to bangkok trip next year ~
& probably taiwan and hongkong trip too? (:
and also planning to go genting as well cse I want to see how casino looks like.
after 21st december I'm officially 21 ~ so I can step into casino officially.
so many countries I want to go, and want to explore.
I need to promise myself a trip, a getaway trip per year.
be it somewhere near or far, I have to give myself a trip no matter what.
probably if worse comes to worse, if nobody is going with me,
I should learn to travel alone. travelling alone sounds fun though (:

Friday, October 18, 2013 @ Giving in.
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I don't even know if anyone still reads my blog,
but anyway I just need a space to rant and it doesn't matter if no one reads it. 
I remember in the previous post, I mentioned that if I'm not at fault = I won't give in. 
but there are times that you keep giving in, 
because you still want that person in your life and it's not because you feel you're at fault. 
that person you want to keep might be your very good friend, your bf/gf or whoever that's important. 

Whereas it gets really tired giving in again and again. 
probably one day, you might just get tired of giving in. 
even though you want that person in your life, 
but people are taking things for granted because they know you will give in. 
and just because they know that they are important to you. 
so in short, don't take things for granted. 
whenever unhappiness or quarrel occurs, I give in might not mean I'm wrong. 
it's because i still treasure that friendship or relationship or whatsoever. 
one day I might just get tired and give up everything in my life. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013 @ Quarrels
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There's a lot of times whereby couples have quarrels every now and then.
if you all realize, most of the quarrel arises from very little things that results in a huge quarrel.
the main problem doesn't lies with the little things,
the problems lies with the couple itself.
it is because both parties do not want to give in, hence resulting in a huge quarrel.
in a relationship, it cannot always be one party giving in.
it always have to be 50-50.
or else one day the person who keeps giving in will snap eventually.

For those who know me should know my temper/attitude.
if I'm at fault or in the wrong, I will apologize.
although during the quarrel I might be say harsh words.
whereas after a while, when I cool down and think,
if it is really my fault after some self reflection, I'll apologize.
whereas if it is not my fault, don't throw temper or attitude me.
because I don't give in when it's not my fault.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 @ Flashbacks.
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It's such a pity that our friendship has ended.
if I can turn back time, probably I wouldn't have made the same choice.
I'm not too sure if you're happy with your life now.
I hope you are. even though we are strangers right now.
we used to be really good friends, share our happiness and sadness together.
we've been though so much, but didn't expect our friendship to be so fragile.
probably how our friendship ended was really foolish.
but I've realized, you've changed, changed so much.
I couldn't even recognize what you have become right now.
if anyone were to ask me whether I hate you, my answer is no.
but it upsets me to see u like this.
(probably you might feel your current life is better)
but I feel you should stop ruining yourself, ruining your life.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 @ Uncertainties in life
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It has been a while since I blogged.
and I suddenly have the urge to blog to write down my thoughts.
not too sure if anybody will read it, but oh wells ~ it doesn't matter.

there's just so many uncertainties in life.
everything seems to be unknown to you about the future.
it's all the decisions that you make which shapes your future.
sometimes, one decision might impact your whole life.

sometimes I really have the urge to give up everything.
but when I think back again, there's always something pulling me back.
knowing the fact that there's never gonna be perfect life & someone who's perfect.
probably it's time to learn to accept the imperfections.
nobody is perfect, including myself.
I've got my flaws too and I would hope someone to embrace my flaws
instead of giving me up just because of my imperfections.

I've really been in deep thoughts recently.
thinking about everything all over again, about life and planning for future.
I can't come out with a decision.
because I'm not confident in whatever decisions I make will be a better life.

Sunday, July 14, 2013 @ Worth it or not?
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Sometimes I really don't know if people appreciate what I do.
I don't know is it worth me putting in so much effort or not.
I don't mind putting effort, time or even money on my love ones.
all I want back is appreciation for what I've ever done.
but I don't feel appreciated at all and that's what makes me feel whether it's worth it a not.
I can't determine whether what's worth and what is not.
for a moment, I am really tired of putting effort in everything.

You're the only one that I want to grow old with <3
"I want you forever, forever and always."


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